How to move Windows calendar to a new profile Windows 7 Windows Vista

10 04 2012

Windows Calendar

The Windows calendar file is stored in the profile location below. (You may need to enable hidden folders and file extensions to find this path.)
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Enable hidden folders and file extensions Windows 7

9 04 2012

Hidden Folder

To show hidden files, folder, and show file extensions, follow the steps below.

In your computer’s control panel, set the view in the top right to “small Icons”
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Google TV update coming “In the next few weeks”

31 10 2011

Google TV

I received an email from Google this morning stating that the update is finally here and will be rolled out through automatic updates.

The updated features include:
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Iphone available on Verizon today!

10 02 2011

Today is the day!

The Iphone 4 is available for the verizon network.

Small Business: how to secure your computers

10 01 2011

To keep your business running effectively, your computers should be running effectively. This means keeping up to date with the following software and security features.

Business Firewall
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Coca Cola machine gets Windows Blue Sceen Of Death

14 12 2010

I saw this at the mall the other day. The Blue Screen of Death or BSOD is what happens when a Windows computer crashes.

It isn’t that big of a deal on a Coke machine but, imagine if it was controlling something a little more critical like systems in your car or traffic lighting.

Blue Screen of Death on a Coca Cola machine

Sprint 4g coverage available in Boston! Screw Iphone 4

17 07 2010

Wimax antenna

Sprint has not yet officially named Boston as one of the cities offering the 4g service but I can confirm that it is available.

I was able to pick up a 4g signal on my HTC EVO in several parts of Boston.

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The Dawn Of 4G and a short EVO 4G Sprint Review

14 07 2010


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Google Chromium: A Dud or Stud in the making

28 06 2010

google chrome

We know that Google is amazing when it comes to innovation and technology. Not only has it offered spectacular services on the Internet, it has also been able to deliver them with such precision that one can only admire this company in awe. No doubt some of the ‘waves’ that Google created have rippled off, but Read the rest of this entry »

Catch the FIFA 2010 Fever !! Waka- Waka !!

15 06 2010

FIFA 2010 South Africa

There are only a few things on our planet that transcend race, color, nationality, sex or age to reach a realm that exists beyond these barriers. One such thing is – ‘Soccer.’ When you hear Read the rest of this entry »