Google TV update coming “In the next few weeks”

Google TV

I received an email from Google this morning stating that the update is finally here and will be rolled out through automatic updates.

The updated features include:

  • A simpler interface (said to be similar to your Android phone)
  • A customizable home screen
  • Improved search across all content
  • “a new YouTube experience specifically built for Google TV”
  • Most importantly The Android Market!
  • Shot of the Android Market

    Google TV Android Market

    Shot of the updated Youtube App

    Google TV

    It is said that there will be an app called “TV & Movies” that will let you browse across most media platforms like TV and Netflix.

    Shot of hte TV & Movies App

    Google TV

    Google says that the number apps won’t be large in the beginning but 50 developers have already started making apps and there will be more in the future.

    I am excited as to what this can bring for the TV and the home automation maker eventually.

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