The Dawn Of 4G and a short EVO 4G Sprint Review


Cell phone Wireless standards have been undergoing a major upheaval of late and the latest entrant to make waves in the same is 4G technology. A 4G connection is slated to provide a secure IP environment with better protocols guarding the whole safety scene. It is expected that 4G will also pave the way for ultra modern broadband connection which will streamline downloading for users in days to come.

4G is also known as “fourth generation”, or “beyond 3G” technology. It is also touted that 4G enabled smart phones will rule the roost by the end of 2012. The current infrastructure for 4G is still under development, with only a few cities in the US currently supporting this technology. This, however, is expected to change.

3g VS 4g

If we compare 4G to its predecessor, 3G, the least 4G speed i.e. 2 mbps is around 40% more than the maximum speed dished out by the most advanced 3G network. Under normal usage circumstances, the difference may not account for much but these statistics are expected to change drastically once we consider the fact that the maximum speed of 4G can be as high as 20 mbps in the near future. Not only will this help you with facilities like video conferencing but also result in faster file sharing and downloading.

Currently, there is just one phone in the market that boasts of 4G services and it has been selling like hot cakes. Let’s take a look at the much hyped phone and its credentials.

It took 11 years to make a transition from 1G to 2G and further 10 years from 2G to 3G. Now, 3G is mutating into 4G within a span of 8 years and it is only time before better and more advanced wireless technologies will come forth and dominate network connections across the globe.

HTC EVO 4G by Sprint

While iPhone has been selling like hot cakes, EVO 4G has created a wave of its own. Not to be outdone by the competition, HTC sold out the phone within days of its launch. Critics have touted that this phone has a very short battery life and fizzes out within 5-6 hours but one has to consider that it’s the same with other smart phones too and the same problem is set to continue for the time being.

On the technical front, this phone is loaded enough to give even the best smart phones a run for its money. It has a massive 4.3 inch screen, a 8 MP camera and a 1 Ghz Snapdragon to power it up. It runs on the Android 2.1 platform. It also has a front facing camera for video conferencing and expandable memory of up to 32GB. It is said that the company manipulated the initial sale figures but apart from these grey shades there is no doubt that this is one smart phone that is here to stay.

EVO Video Streaming

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