Google Chromium: A Dud or Stud in the making

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We know that Google is amazing when it comes to innovation and technology. Not only has it offered spectacular services on the Internet, it has also been able to deliver them with such precision that one can only admire this company in awe. No doubt some of the ‘waves’ that Google created have rippled off, but more often than not, Google has been able to pull it off.

On the same lines of innovation, Google has charted out on a new project i.e. an operating system of its own. It has been giving Microsoft a run for its money in plethora of fields but will it be able to beat Microsoft in its own game.

Speculations are rife with the launch date of Chromium, every second day we hear that some or the other company is testing the new OS on its computers (well most of them are), Chromium will fall flat or Chromium will displace Microsoft OS and many more. Let’s take a peek into what Chromium OS is all about.

Chrome desktop

First things first, you won’t be able to download and install Chromium. It would only be shipped with specific hardware manufacturers who have etched an exclusive contract with Google. It’s based on Linux with the x86 and ARM being the basic processor requirements. It has a graphical user interface that would be web based. This is actually the nucleus around which the birth of Chromium has taken place. See video below to understand my point

Google plans to launch Google Cloud print to help you print your documents. Same as the Google browser, Chromium will use sandboxing technology with auto updating. The open source platform will ensure minimal malware vulnerabilities. If you are a developer, you can always shift from the normal mode to the developer mode with the press of a button. It will have integrate Flash (Apple take a cue)

You can follow many discussion groups on the Internet on the same lines. A really good one is The Chromium Projects

Will it be a dud or a stud? Well we think that when it comes to netbooks, Chrome OS may just edge past the competition over a period of time. For the conventional notebooks, we advise you stick to Windows, Mac or Linux for now. Probably, you may get to use Chromium as a complimentary OS to the wider versions.

chrome fight

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