Catch the FIFA 2010 Fever !! Waka- Waka !!

FIFA 2010 South Africa

There are only a few things on our planet that transcend race, color, nationality, sex or age to reach a realm that exists beyond these barriers. One such thing is – ‘Soccer.’ When you hear a ten year old kid in a country like Afghanistan singing ‘Waka-Waka’, you realize the reach and popularity of ‘the beautiful game.’

One cup, thirty-two teams, billions of starry-eyed dreams and a month of inveterate adulation, this the how you can describe the month ahead in South Africa which plays host to the FIFA 2010 enigma.

The fever is on the rise and the mercury is set to boil to unprecedented levels. To keep you cool, here is a list of 5 fantastic FIFA updates


#1. A new interface by Twitter.

Micro-blogging and Social Networking giant Twitter has introduced an interface with the World Cup 2010 theme, which allows fans to view all tweets related to the World Cup. It also has the feature of streaming real time tweets about the World Cup along with the individual tweets related to a country. It has an intuitive interface that has a display panel with flags of all thirty-two nations. If you click on a flag, you are redirected to that specific World Cup team. The interface also displays complete match fixtures and you can also get live tweets of any particular match. If you are a live wire on twitter and want to stay updated, then this interface is one of the best options that you can avail of.

FIFA 2010 Twiter Interface

#2. Be a part of the longest “goooal” cheer using VISA FIFA YouTube Channel.

If you belong to that noisy kind of people who can’t control their lungs screaming – ‘Goal’’ every time your team scores, then you should be a part of this initiative by VISA on the VISA FIFA YouTube Channel. The channel’s sole purpose is to get fans to upload videos of their best “goooal!” cheer and weave it together to form one never-ending, triumphant chant.

FIFA 2010 Youtube Channel by Visa

#3. Download the 2010 FIFA World Cup Windows 7 Theme.

In sync with the soccer bug, Microsoft has launched a beautiful 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa theme that will spice up your Windows 7 experience. Currently available on the official Microsoft site, this cool theme is sure to take your fever even higher.

FIFA 2010 Windows 7 Theme

#4. Download FIFA World Cup 2010 Firefox personas.

Firefox has made an official release of FIFA World Cup 2010 personas of all the 32 participating teams. These personas are the flags of these teams. The fans of the team who download the most number of personas will win their team the Firefox Cup. With a count of 1200+ Argentinean fans have already put their team in the lead.

FIFA 2010 Firefox Personas

#5. FIFA World Cup 2010 WordPress Plugins.

WordPress has also jumped onto the World Cup bandwagon by introducing various plug-ins for this occasion. These plug-ins show the World Cup schedule and stream live scorecard of a match in progress. There is even a fully customized option for English fans i.e. a plug-in that displays a countdown timer to the next British game.

wordpress logo

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