iPhone 4 (Pre)_Review – Is it another hot cake from Apple?

Iphone 4

Come this 24th of June and you can have the ‘privilege ‘to set your eyes on the new iPhone 4G. The latest beauty from Apple is being called a ‘privilege’ because it’s much more than just another Smartphone. Some things are the same, like its launch by Steve Jobs in his own style and some things have changed, like Apple seems to be shaping itself according to the needs of consumers, (to some extent)

New features of iPhone 4 include ‘tethering’ i.e. you can use the phone as a modem for Internet access. It packs a 5-Megapixel camera, with backlit illumination, 5X zoom, a flash and HD capture. The battery life is expected to be around 6-7 hours on ‘normal’ usage. The screen is as sexy as it can get (see pictures). The new structural design should add to better voice clarity (we don’t know that yet), and we sincerely hope that it does, as one area where the previous version of iPhone could have improved on.

It’s expected to cost around $200 for a 16GB version but strangely the data plan of AT&T has been ‘tinkered’ a little so you may like to keep an eye on that before going in with the final purchase. As for the question – Will it sell like hot cakes? You bet!

Iphone 4

Iphone 4

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