Tips for installing Microsoft Exchange server 2007

There are plenty of guides out there for installing Exchange server 2k7 so I thought I would provide tips that I found useful instead of writing a complete guide.

Exchange 2007

1. copy the contents of the DVD to your harddrive before the install. This was listed in many forums as a solutions to problems that people had with there install.

2. Run the “DCDIAG” command to ensure that your domain controllers are communicating with each other properly before installing.

3. Make sure that you use an account that has Enterprise Admin and Schema Admin rights to do the install. The domain’s administrator account should have these rights by default.

4. Run the /PrepareAD command via the command line prior to the install. This will give you a more accurate error message in the event that you need to troubleshoot.

To run the “ /PrepareAD” command, you will want to open a command prompt and switch to the drive where the Exchange install files are.

For example if my exchange installtion files were on the D drive, I would type D: to get to the D drive, then in the location of the file, type in “ /preparead

During an install that I did, I was getting a message in the ldif.err file that stated “There is not enough space on the disk.” This error is a very misleading one seeing as how there were 200GB free on the drive that I was installing on. This error usually is related to a permissions error.

In my case the error was cause by not having access to the deleted items folder in Active Directory. There was no deleted items folder because we had not deleted anything from AD. The fix was to create and delete a user account in AD.

Install Exchange Server 2007

5. Make sure that your DVD is SP1 or download Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1

6. Enable Exchange 2007’s built in spam filtering module.

7. The built in anti spam filter doesn’t work that great so I would recommend installing something like Untangle to help stop spam.

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