Top 9 Best tools for IT professionals.

Here is a list of some of the most useful tools that I use on a daily basis as an IT professional.

1 Spiceworks
Spiceworks is a free IT management software that includes things like network inventory, alert management, and a helpdesk functions. Spiceworks is technically adware but they are IT ads for printers, IT equipment etc.

2 Belarc advisor
Belarc advisor is a free personal PC audit programs that can help when your rebuilding PCs. This software will build a profile with license keys, mapped drives, installed printers, and more.

3 Ultimate Boot cd for Windows
The Ultimate boot cd for Windows is a great tool. This is actually a bootable cd that can launch you into an operating system environment that can be used when your Windows installation won’t boot. This tool is great for troubleshooting, running diagnostics and recovering data.

4 Logmein
Logmein is a free control application which, once installed will allow you to remote control your computer from anywhere with an internet connection.

5 Logmein rescue

Logmein rescue is a subscription service similar to Logmein but oriented more for a support professional. The rescue services allows me to control a users PC without having to have preinstalled software on their PC. They go to a website and enter a code and I’m connected within minutes.

6 gnome Partition Editor.

Gnome Partition Editor or Gparted formerly partition magic, is a Linux based live cd that allows you to edit partitions from an OS type environment. One of the great thing that you can do with this is resize Windows partitions after Windows is installed. This is useful if you want to image your install on to a larger harddrive.

7 Google logo
Google has got to be one of the best tools that an IT professional could have. Using Google, someone can find the solution to a problem or more great tools that may help them out.


A USB harddrive connector can be a handy tool to recover data from a drive where the operating system won’t boot, or if there is a hardware problem with the original equipment. This little devices has saved me a great deal of time.

9 Untangle
Untangle is a network security gateway that stops spam, viruses, and spyware. It also has a firewall and additional network security features.

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