Speed tests – are you really getting the speed your ISP promised?

Test your Internet connection speed at Speedtest.net

Ever wondered how fast your internet connection is? Ever wondered if your really getting the 30mb FIOS connection that they say you are? Here’s how to tell. And some tips to improve your connection speed.

First, make sure that your the only one connected to the internet, and you’re not running any file-sharing, video-streaming, or any other application that uses the internet.

Try connecting just your PC to your modem without any routers or other devices.

Then, go to speedtest.net and run a test using the recommended server.

If your connection is running at the promised speed that’s great! You can add your router, and other computers and see if the connection slows down or not.

If your connection is slow, try the following.

-If you’re using a router, try testing with and without the router. Older model Linksys routers and others have 100mb LAN ports but only 10mb wan ports, which won’t help your 30mb Verizon FIOS connection at all.

-Test using different computers to see if you get different results.

-Have the ISP run a line test to see if your signal is weak.

-If you have DSL, check to make sure there aren’t any filters on the DSL line.

-If you have cable, you may need a tech to come out and test the cabling, sometimes filters need to be installed on the cable lines to get the proper signal.

-Ensure that you have the proper MTU setting on your router and PCs per this guide.

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  • magsasaka says:

    Speedtest.net is bogus .. This is a spedtest link provided by an ISP in the philippines, in which u cant get a right measurement on their speed. Just show how fast when your in the philippines pointing to and fro their server

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