Connect your LG Voyager to gmail and Google Apps using IMAP

LG Voyager

Here are the instructions for connecting your LG Voyager phone up to gmail or Google Apps (AKA gmail for your domain) using IMAP. I have gotten this working successfully.

First, you will need to log into your gmail account and click settings on the top right. Once in settings, click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
Scroll down to where it says IMAP Access: and make sure that Enable IMAP is selected, then click Save Changes.

Follow the steps below on your LG Voyager

In the menu select get it now

Select tools on the go

Select mobile email

Select add account

Select Other

Fill in the available fields

email address = or

password = your password

username = Same as email address

Click OK

At this point, the phone should try to determine the settings, it should time out and have you enter them manually. Use the info below to populate the fields.

incoming server =

incoming port = 993

check requires SSL

Outgoing email server =

outgoing port = 465

check off requires SSL

Check off requires login

scroll up to the username field and select sign in using the ok button.

That’s it, you’re done.

I found the review of this phone at Gizmodo interesting.

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  • Fred says:

    Thanks, I finally got it working, I messed around with it for hours before I found this.

  • Juan says:

    I do no think this will work anymore…the username field is not there when i attempt this…i proceed with out that and i get a message stating invalid account details. Please try again…all the input is correct…any ideas…help please

  • Andy says:

    Hi Juan,

    Have you tried using just your email address?

    Also, are you using the mobile email client that came with the voyager, or a different one?

    Anyone else have any problems?

  • Fred says:

    Instead of using ‘’, try using ‘’. This forced the error for me, and I was able to set up gmail using the steps above.

  • Andy says:

    Hi Fred,

    Thanks for the tip.

  • rosa says:

    I don’t have the username field, or any of the fields you speak of after that. I just got mobile email, and I know I downloaded the latest upgrade– I think this is why. I have been trying for 2 hours now, but my phone won’t alert me when I get a new email. Help!!!

  • Andy says:

    Hi Rosa,

    Are you in the add account section?

    The interface may have changed with the update.


  • rosa says:

    Yes, I was. When you add the e-mail and password, it connects. There are no chance to enter anything manually 🙁

  • Andy says:


    Did you select “other” for the type of account?

    Is there an advanced or options section?

    Is this a Gmail account?

    Is POP/IMAP enabled on your Gmail account?

    See if you can find the version number of the application.

    Sorry for all the questions but it helps with troubleshooting.

  • Jonny D says:

    Thanks I had to use ‘’ like Fred said. Worked like a charm!

  • Nick P says:

    Does this cost money if I set this up to my monthly bill?

  • Andy says:

    Hi Nick,

    As long as you have a data plan on your phone It shouldn’t cost anything additional.

  • Dan Knoll says:

    Are you sure Andy? When I go to download the application it says you have to have the Nation Connect or Nation Premium Plan to get this without the $5 additional monthly charge. Looking more into it now.

  • Andy says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’m actually not sure. My experience was with Verizon as a carrier but I’m not familiar with their plans.

    Dan, did you have a data plan when you were setting this up?

  • Troy says:

    Thanks a bunch could not find a better and faster setup than yours for the voyager email with google.
    congrats and thank you thank you

  • Andy says:

    Hi Troy,

    Glad that you found this page helpful.


  • Romeyn says:

    Does anyone know how to get this phone to deal with an IMAP server that uses SSL with a self-signed certificate? It throws up a generic error if I try to use port 993. Port 143 works just fine, however, with SSL unchecked.

  • Andy says:


    Are you sure IMAP SSL is running on the server?

    Can you telnet to port 993?

    You likely need to install the cert on the device.

  • Christy says:

    I have set up my email on this phone but it is not notifying me via text when I receive an email. Is this a feature or not? Thanks for your help!

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