RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server service down!

RIM's Blackberry Enterprise Server service down!

RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server service is down. My clients were not receiving emails on the devices.

RIM has confirmed that there is an issue with their network and they are working to resolve it.

I don’t know if other RIM services are affected by this issue.

After the last outage in April of 2007, there was a procedure that needed to be followed on the BES server to get them back up and running. I will post the procedure here if one is necessary.

UPDATE: The server came back after a few hours and no procedure was required.

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  • merlin says:


    do you know the reason for this problem? Because i have the same Problem here. 2 of our customers using the BBserver, both stopped sending mails at the same time!!

    Thats completely weird…

    sry for my english and i hope you can give me an answer!


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