Have your Dell PC repaired under warranty quickly (the easy way)

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In my journey as an IT professional, I’ve had to contact Dell many times for warranty replacement hardware. In my experience, it’s very time consuming to contact Dell via phone.

Here’s how I get it done quickly.

First, have your Dell service tag. This is the number and letter combination that’s on the white bar code label on the back of the equipment.
You can check you system’s warranty status, extend your warranty, or get “out of warranty” service here. I recommend getting the three year warranty with all purchases.

Second, do the troubleshooting prior to contacting Dell if possible. Dell has a built in diagnostic partition that can be accessed by hitting the F12 key while the Dell logo is displayed during bootup.

Third, contact Dell via chat at http://support.dell.com/chat. You will need your service tag to do this.

Once your connected, you can relay the troubleshooting information to the tech and get your warranty parts and a tech to come out. I usually have the tech come even though I can replace the parts myself, this way the tech is responsible for repairing the system and I can spend my time on other things.

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  • Lawrence C Hine says:

    I keep getting this report from Antivirus 2008y that says I have 40 kinds of virus and comes on each time I turn my computer on. I already have a antivirus from Roadrunner that I got when I got Roadrunner so I don’t need this other one that calls them self Antivirus 2008y, wihich is 49.95 . It is not lettting me in sites and e mail at times.My computer is a DELL bough 04/27/08. Its a Inspiron D531 ,express service code 167 539 407 85. I like my computer but don’t know why they who ever they are is trying to make me buy this antivrirus 2008y.The one from roadrunner is working fine. Let know what you can do for me.

    Lawrence C Hine

  • Lawrence C Hine says:


  • Andy says:

    Hi Lawrence,

    I’ve never heard of Antivirus 2008y, is there anymore information that is displayed?

    There are many viruses which appear to be anti-virus programs but they are actually trying to trick you into buying their program.

    What version of Anti-Virus did you get from road runner? I would recommend updating it and running a full scan. You can try to uninstall the Antivirus 2008y.

    I also see that you have telephone support through Dell, they may be able to assist you with this.

    Let us know what happens.

  • Andy says:

    I just had a few calls from people who had XP Antivirus 2008 installed, This was in fact a counterfeit program as mentioned above.

    I read through the removal instructions and people’s comments. I believe that the only sure way to remove this virus, is to rebuild the computer. By rebuild I mean format the harddrive and reinstall everything.

    I will post rebuild instructions soon.

  • Andy says:

    UPDATE: I had a a bunch of infected client computers come in so I thought I’d try to remove this virus.

    I was able to successfully remove antivirus 2008 and antivirus 2009 using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

    I will provide the link to the instructions on bleepingcomputer.com, the only thing that I would recommend doing differently is to run a full scan vs just a quick scan (quickscan missed a couple of files).

    Here’s the URL with the removal instructions.


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