Open source network gateway – more than just a firewall

Untangle open source network gateway.Untangle is a free open source network gateway, not entirely a managed services platform but it does fit its way in there.

It’s all about how you package it. If it had backup, monitoring and billing, we would be all set wouldn’t we?

I’ve built the spam filters from, Untangle does what I need and more.

These services are free

– Spam Blocker
– Spyware Blocker
– Open VPN
– Web Filter
– Phish Blocker
– Attack Blocker
– Protocol Control
– Virus Blocker
– Untangle Reports
– Intrusion Prevention
– Firewall
– Router

These services cost.
– Live Technical Support
– Hosted Config Backup
– Remote Access Portal
– Adv. Policy Management
– A.D. Integration

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