Firefox – are you still using internet explorer?

Firefox Girl recommends Firefox

The main reason that I use Firefox is that the browser feels so much lighter than Internet explorer. When I launch the Firefox browser even with a number of plugins it loads very quickly and once it’s running it doesn’t use as many resources as IE. I started using Firfox for it’s tabbed browsing which IE7 does offer. Firefox has cool built in features like an RSS reader, spell check, and a download manager to list a few.

Firefox is more secure than internet explorer. Many people will argue that it’s not but just take a look at all the security fixes that come out for IE every week. Internet explorer is still needed for Windows updates, also some business applications that were developed specifically for IE don’t function properly on FF.

Some users are still using IE because even thought they’ve heard of Firefox they don’t know what it is or how to use it. Well if you still don’t know what it is, it’s a web browser that can be downloaded for free and if you can use IE you can use Firefox. Some people just don’t really understand how to use browsers. I know some people who just type URLs into a search engine because they don’t know about the address bar (sorry if thats you reading this.)

Here’s a funny YouTube video about different web browsers.


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