Throw away your email server and fire your IT guy, Google Apps is here.

Google AppsDo you have a domain name but no email server? Do you have a small business that can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on MS office? If so than Google Apps is for you. Google has revolutionized the industry with their latest product. Google is offering all of Google services for free.

Don’t waste your money on an email server or Microsoft office. Google is offering these services for free. I think this is a great product, and there are so many features. I’ve set up Google apps for personal home use and business users, both are happy with the results.

Not only does Google provide email with all the functionality of Gmail, they also do it with your domain name. That’s right you get the 2+ gigs of storage space, calendar, and you can even host your web page on Google for free. In addition to that you also, get Google Docs and Spreadsheets which is online based word processing and spreadsheet editing. One of the cool features is that if someone emails a document or spreadsheet to your address that is hosted on Google Apps, you can open it with Google Docs regardless of what format it’s in.

Two Versions


There are two major versions of Google Apps, the first is standard which is the free version. The free edition offers all of the major applications and email, but it is on a best effort service which means there is no guarantee that it will always be up and running. there is also a 2 GB per mailbox limit. Support is online only although there are plenty of users that can be contacted through forums that would be happy to help, it can be tough without having someone talk you through something. There is documentation on everything and they’ve made it easy Other than that it’s a great service, it’s what I use to power the domain, and it’s free.


The premier edition offers the same features of the free edition but it is more business oriented. This edition has a 99.9% uptime guarantee for email with 10GB per mailbox. There is also, 24X7 phone support and integration with your existing infrastructure. This edition is $50 per mailbox per year, when you think about the cost of a server, email applications,maintenance, and IT costs, it can be worth it.

Google is taking over the internet and eventually the world…

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  • anil says:

    hello sir we have our domain hosted on your google apps mail server but my site contains some feedback forms and enquiry forms at present those are not working so can u please provide me some sample code to rectify my problem please can you do it for me.

    i am using asp coding for that even i can provide the coding what i have written right now

    so please help me out on this regard

  • Andy says:

    Hi Anil,

    That’s great that you are using Google’s email system for your domain.

    Check out this article on using ASP forms with Google APPS.

    If no success, then try posting your question at the Google APPS discussion forum.

    Thanks for reading.


  • Hameed says:

    Any idea what mail server software google apps mail using ???

  • sanket says:

    I am trying to set-up my emails on blackberry handset using serve but finding error.
    IT guys and bb service providers are not clear about the reason for the error.
    How can u help me…?

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