Remove those viruses that your Anti-virus program couldn’t.

13 08 2007

Did you ever have a virus that you just couldn’t remove using your AV program? I have, so I know a few little tricks that I thought I’d share with you. Many viruses or homepage hijackers use a shell extension that isn’t easy to find or remove.

I use a freeware application called ShellExView which will allow you to view third party DLLs used by internet explorer and windows. You can use it to disable toolbars and add-ons to context menu’s etc. When I installed SP2 for XP I was getting an error that crashed my system whenever I clicked anything. This tool helped me solve that problem and many others.

NirsoftShellExView v1.17 – Shell Extensions Manager

One thing that I like about this tool is the fact that it’s so light weight. It doesn’t require an install. I download the tool and run it from the zip without even extracting it.

I plan to write future posts about some of the other tools and tricks that I know of so check back soon.

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