Dell offering solid state & hybrid hard drives as an option.

I was speccing out a new laptop model for a company and I noticed that Dell was offering a solid state hard drive as an option. The laptop that I was speccing was the Latitude D630. A solid state drive uses solid state memory to store data. A solid state drive doesn’t have moving parts like a conventional disk drive and therefore has less chance of failure due to mechanical or heat issues. This 32GB SSD drive was an upgrade from the conventional 80GB drive and cost $540 more. The early adopters of this technology will pay the price but it will go down eventually and all computers will use SSD drives.

The second option that I saw that interested me was a hybrid drive. A hybrid drive is a cross between the conventional & solid state drives. The hybrid drive uses a large buffer to hold data and minimize the need for the disk platters to spin so often. This drive was a less expensive option, 120GB is priced at just $120 over the conventional 80GB drive.

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