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If you’ve never heard of Linux, it’s a free open source operating system. Linux is very different from Windows, and a lot of the configuration is done by command line. While there are many many many different versions of Linux, I like to use Fedora which is one of the more mainstream flavors. The first thing I did to start learning Linux was install and configure Linux and setup Apache web server. That’s a great task to get you rolling on the basics of Linux. Once I was a little more familiar with the OS, I took on some more advanced projects.

One of the projects that I did was setting up an email security gateway to scan for spam and viruses and strip them out of emails or toss the email all together. This project took me deeper into the Linux world and I had fun doing it. The first time I set this up it was on an old desktop with a Pentium 3, 256MB of ram, and an 8gig hard drive and the filter ran great on that old hardware, in fact I installed that email gateway for a client and it’s still running today. This email gateway acts as a mail transfer agent between the Internet and a company’s email server such as Exchange.

If you’re not a Linux expert and you try this, don’t get frustrated and give up. It took me a week of messing with my filter to get it running properly. This project will make you remember that Linux is CaSeSeNsItIvE and it doesn’t like random extra spaces in configuration files. I could write forever about this filter but I guess I’ll just give you the link and leave you to it.

Here is the link to the page with the instructions on how to setup the anti-spam filter.

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