Your business needs a firewall but which one?

    So you have a small business or your big business is just starting to come into the technology age. Maybe you have a small network of computers at home. Whatever the case may be, if your computers are on the internet, they need a firewall to protect your computers from hackers and viruses and to keep your private information private. I recommend getting a hardware firewall to put between the internet and your network. With so many different models and features to choose from, which one do you buy?

Here’s an idea of what to look for, you should get a router that is at least 100 megabits, there are gigabit routers out but the chances are that you won’t even use the 100 Megabits to its capacity so the gigabit just isn’t worth the money right now. I recommend using the Linksys BEFSX41. This model of Linksys is a firewall, router, and switch all in one. What does that mean? It means that it will allow you to share your high speed internet connection with the other computers in your network and it will protect them with a firewall.

This router includes a quick start page that illustrates how to connect the router (it’s fairly easy) and a CD with a configuration wizard. If you get stuck setting up the router, most ISPs will usually walk you through it over the phone. Even after your new firewall is all set up, you still need anti-virus and anti-spyware programs because these firewalls cannot help you once a virus get into your network through email or downloading.

Check out this post for help installing your new router.

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