Control you PC from anywhere for free.

I’m seeing a lot of great new companies with good business models these days. One company that I’ve taken interest in is called LogMeIn, which is a company that provides remote access services. Not only does LogMeIn provide a great remote control application, but they do it for free. That’s right LMI offers a basic version of their service for free which allows you to securely remote control your PC from any computer on the web.

I like the company’s business model because they offer this free service while still offering a paid version of the service. The paid version offers some cool features such as remote printing. Also, the company has many other great products that they offer as a service. I use some of free as well as paid products and I highly recommend them.

LMI is the company that bought Hamachi which is an application that I would define as a peer to peer VPN client. Some of you tech types may have heard of or even used the Hamachi application. Another application that I use is the rescue application from LMI which allows me to provide helpdesk support to users without them having a pre-installed application on their machines.

Being an IT consultant, people always ask me how they can remote control their PC, in fact someone asked me today. Usually people are trying to use software such as pcAnywhere. While PC anywhere is a good product it does lack being easy to configure and use. Also, this software requires that a port be opened on your firewall, aside from it being too complicated for the average user it is also creating a security hole that just shouldn’t be there.

Another method that users ask me about is RDC or remote desktop which is built into Windows. While RDC is great for remote connections within a local network, it too requires that a port be opened on the firewall in order to be accessible from anywhere on the web. That part should change soon with the introduction of Windows Home Server which we will get into later on.

LogMeIn does have some downsides, while the remote control application works on virtually any platform you can only remote control Windows based machines. This isn’t good for Linux and Mac users, but I think LMI is in the process of changing that.

With that said this brings me to another remote application that I use called VNC. VNC is an open sourced remote control application that works on Windows, Linux, and Macs. I use VNC a lot and I think it is a great application that can be setup securely, but again it is too complicated for the average user.

You can check out LogMeIn’s service at after all what have you got to lose, is free!

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