4G Wireless broadband network

I’m hearing a lot of talk amongst the tech community about the 4g Wireless broadband network that is in the process of being developed. This wireless network is different from WIFI or 802.11 wireless which requires an internet connection with a wireless transmitter connected to it to produce a local area network or LAN that will work in your home or office.

The 4G wireless wide area network or WWAN works over the same networks that power our mobile phones and PDAs. The thing that’s so exciting about this new 4G network is that it is said to be able to reach speeds that are faster than our current wired broadband connections. I’ve read that one company has reached speeds of 5 Gigabits while moving, now that’s fast!

With the speeds described people will be able to stream movies, music, and even TV on the go. I think this is the next wave of the internet, the possibilities of the new connection are endless. This will allow buildings in remote locations that don’t have broadband internet available to come up to speed with the help of WWAN routers. WWAN routers will allow the connection of local area networks to the new WWAN connection.

It looks like Sprint will be the first to offer the 4g network. Sprint has picked WIMAX to be the underlying technology for their next generation network.Sprint plans to have 100 million people on the 4G network by 2008.

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